ChatGPT for Students eBook

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ChatGPT for Students eBook

Berat Ujkani
2 ratings

Published on January 15, 2023

The first and most comprehensive ChatGPT eBook for Students

ChatGPT for Students in an eBook with 200+ clear and powerful prompts ready to be used effectively to improve your studies, research, and life as a student.

Who's this book for?

Whether you are a high school, undergraduate, or graduate student, this eBook is for you! From the basics of ChatGPT and how it works, to hundreds of real-world prompt examples, you will learn how to incorporate ChatGPT into your studies and life and make the most of its potential.

Table of contents

Sample prompts from eBook

  1. Brainstorm new angles or approaches for [topic]. Prioritize ideas that are uncommon or novel.
  2. Create an assignment that is challenging for students who have a strong understanding of [concept].
  3. I am studying for the [subject] exam that is later today. Can you provide me with some emotional support? Ask me questions like a therapy session.
  4. Analyze [add phenomenon] from multiple perspectives using primary and secondary sources.
  5. Act as a professional spelling and grammar corrector and improver for this text: [add text].
  6. Write a professional cover letter to the [company] for [position details]. Mention my technical skills, a BSc in [field] from [university], and soft skills.
  7. I want to be able to run [distance] in [period]. Outline a running plan for me to be able to achieve this.
  8. You are a travel booking expert, and I’m on a [amount] budget. I’m living in [city] and want to go somewhere nice and warm in [month]. Where in the world I could go?
  9. Email: “[paste email]”. Respond to this email diplomatically and comprehensively.
  10. List the best laptops for a [field] student under [amount].

Sample pages

What's included?

  • Guide on how to get started with ChatGPT
  • 200+ copy-paste-ready prompts
  • 55 pages with 8 chapters on 20 various categories

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